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Usage of Different Types o f Load Cells :

The load cells are available in a variety of sizes, shapes and capacities. They have become industry standards due to their accuracy, effectiveness and efficiency. The load cells can be used for a variety of functions so you can select one of them for your particular use. Here are some most common load cells and their uses.

Single Point

These load cells are the cheapest and most common type of scales in the market. You can find them in most of the retail scales, medical scales, counting scales, postal scales and parcel scales due to their reliability and price. These load cells can be used in industrial weighing systems and platform scales to provide accurate results without depending on the position of the load.

Canister Type

These scales are in market for long time and they are considered industry standard with high capacity of load and compression applications.  They can be used for single and multi weighing applications. There is a button on top or bottom which can be used in compression only. These load cells are used in vessel weighing applications, tank scales, truck weighing, axle weighing, vehicle scales and weigh bridges. These scales are reliable because they can provide accurate weight even in tough environment.

Double Ended Shear Beam

There are many advantages of double ended shear beam scales due to their designs. You can weigh from small to large objects using these scales. It also allows little movement and thermal contraction, expansion and protection. These types of load cells are also used as weighing kits.

Single Ended Shear Beam

These types of load cells are found in floors, shipping scales and platforms and provide ideal solutions for your weigh related problems. These scales are very useful, reliable so they can be used in different ways at different locations. They are durable but expensive so you can find them in weighing module form.

Tension Link

These types of load cells are useful in hanging scales, crane scales, winching and lifting systems. They provide accuracy and reliability at the same time so they are popular due to their functions. These scales can be opened on both ends to connect with shackles, D links and wire rope.

Torsion Ring

These are new made under new concept and provide low profile solution for a large number of weigh applications. The torsion rings are located in the centrally located ring. You can transmit load to this ring by a floating pin so you can experience accuracy in measurement even when overloaded. They are versatile scales and can be used in platform scales and weighing applications.


These load cells have a major flaw in them that they are connected through a cable. A main problem is that the cable can be broken as it is on the floor. So wireless load cells are being made and it is hoped that one day they would be industry leader. This technology is expensive but most of the load cells come in wireless technology.

S Type


The shape of these load cells is like the “S” letter. These provide digital output to your weights when suspended through it. It has two fixing points so these load cells are used in cranes, hoist scales and hanging scales.

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